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one boring sunday afternoon, i went looking for an interesting SMT(shin megami tensei, a series of video game rpg by ATLUS)community to join.
after using a literal legion of search engines(two, actually)i found what most people, being interested in the game, would consider a heaping pile of fan-girl feculence and/or insidiously over-opinionative dumpsters of spiteful gamers.
to be honest, i've only played two SMT games - but most know how engrossing and long each of these games are - and over all - how interesting and fun they are.
i wanted to start this community to give people a place to talk about the games themselves. things like strategies against certain bosses, upcoming releases, past releases, favorite characters and so on.
i would also like to encourage the discussion of the various mythological influences each of these games hold, as a majority of the creatures and references are of said influence.
feel free to post about a particular demon or beastie in the game as long as it's relevant.
feel doubly free to post things you've made inspired by the games, images, icons, etc.
ask questions too - and by all means - advertise this community if you feel like you're enjoying it and getting something out of it.

what i do not want this community to be:
a list of american botched translations and differences. you may post these, but i don't want anyone trying to express what an adamant fan they are of the game(more so than anyone else)by debunking everything ATLUS USA has changed or modified. no one cares, at least i don't and i'm the moderator. plus it's annoying. no one likes to read from annoying people.
if discussed, this subject should be in query, impartial and not saturated with vehement opinion.

next - and this one is important. there will be no talk of pairing characters with other characters, such as i have seen entire communities dedicated to. i believe that this is a waste and a mockery of what these titles are trying to put out there. this community is about the games, characters in the games, and anything else obviously related. if there is a prior-existing romance in the plot or one that is hinted at i believe we should be able to discuss that. but otherwise, keep your fat fan-lips off this community.

i do not want this place to be a basis for argument. differing opinions will be noted and talked about with each party being considerate of the other. no internet wars raged by retards. for the most part i don't see this sort of subject matter as being arguable all that much. again, no one wants to be around an annoying person. don't be a penis. it's all about having fun and getting with people who enjoy the games.

below are some interests listed. i don't feel the need to list and endless amount of them, but if you think any others should be added do let me know.


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